Refrigerants: pick your poison

Walk into any grocery store, big or small, and you’ll be met with walls of freezers and fridges working to keep your favorite foods fresh. A century ago, rudimentary refrigeration came from insulated rooms, filled with blocks of ice harvested in the winter months. Today’s refrigeration is much more sophisticated and reliable: behind these meticulouslyContinue reading “Refrigerants: pick your poison”

Gain-of-Function Research: when does the end justify the means?

In all living things lies a set of instructions – from mushrooms and mosquitoes to algae and avocados, each cell contains a script it follows to function as required. These instructions, known as the genome, define what an organism is, distinguishing it from other species and amongst members of its own kind. On a cellularContinue reading “Gain-of-Function Research: when does the end justify the means?”