There’s no room for perfectionism within environmentalism

Many environmentalists advocate perfectionist lifestyles as the ideal way for individuals to reduce their impact on the planet. But perfectionism is a slippery slope in any domain, often pursued at a detriment to mental health and self-worth. Besides, in the context of current scientific knowledge and global supply chains, true environmental perfectionism is impossible. SustainabilityContinue reading “There’s no room for perfectionism within environmentalism”

High-steaks: the push for lab-grown meat

China has been in the news a lot recently. Headlines cover everything from their handling of the pandemic to alleged human rights abuses, rising carbon emissions to the upcoming winter Olympic games. But with the release of the Chinese five-year agricultural plan on January 26th, the media buzz was, for once, seemingly uncontroversial. Much toContinue reading “High-steaks: the push for lab-grown meat”

Artificial sweeteners: are they truly as sweet as they taste?

Strange beginnings It’s the number one rule in chemistry: don’t lick the science. When working with new or unknown molecules this is good advice, as any given substance has the potential to have toxic effects. But in a few instances, researchers have accidentally tasted their experiments, only to make some interesting discoveries. In 1897, aContinue reading “Artificial sweeteners: are they truly as sweet as they taste?”