Climate Policy: when environmental action is deemed illegal

As the COP 26 UN Climate Summit kicks off in Glasgow, Scotland, environmental legislation in the United States is facing new threats. On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to review the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) power to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, in response to lobbying from coal-mining companies and Republican-led states. TheContinue reading “Climate Policy: when environmental action is deemed illegal”

Plastic Microfibers: the plastic-pollution saga continues

We live in a world shaped by plastic – it’s everywhere and unavoidable, making our lives easier but our environmental footprint more significant. It’s a double-edged sword: the durability that makes plastic so important in our daily lives becomes a challenge when dealing with plastic waste. Plastic is persistent, especially when it ends up inContinue reading “Plastic Microfibers: the plastic-pollution saga continues”

Gain-of-Function Research: when does the end justify the means?

In all living things lies a set of instructions – from mushrooms and mosquitoes to algae and avocados, each cell contains a script it follows to function as required. These instructions, known as the genome, define what an organism is, distinguishing it from other species and amongst members of its own kind. On a cellularContinue reading “Gain-of-Function Research: when does the end justify the means?”

Colourful Concerns: the impact of food dyes

We eat with our eyes. Before even taking a bite, we judge our food’s freshness, taste, and flavour by its colour, influencing upwards trends in the development of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), selective breeding, and the use of food dyes. As arguably the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to make food more visually appealing, theContinue reading “Colourful Concerns: the impact of food dyes”

Taking a Look at Leather: traditional animal leathers versus vegan alternatives

Shoes, bags, sports equipment, upholstery, your favorite jacket… chances are you own leather goods in some form. Traditional animal leathers date back to around 7 000 years ago, when humans first discovered strategies for preserving and using animal skins leftover from the food they would consume. Now, advances in improving leather’s durability and flexibility have ledContinue reading “Taking a Look at Leather: traditional animal leathers versus vegan alternatives”

Are humans going extinct? Chemical threats to the future of human reproduction

The Handmaid’s Tale has become a modern classic, keeping readers and viewers hooked through the story of a dystopian society where a decline in human fertility has led to cruel and rigid gender roles, and where fertile women are forced to bear children against their will to ensure the survival of the species. While TheContinue reading “Are humans going extinct? Chemical threats to the future of human reproduction”

Fluoride: how a simple charged atom became such a charged topic

If you’ve ever been bored while brushing your teeth, you might have picked up your tube of toothpaste and read it over. Chances are, amongst promises of fresher breath and whiter teeth, you’ll come across the following words: “with fluoride”. Fluoride is the ionized form of the element fluorine, meaning it consists of a fluorideContinue reading “Fluoride: how a simple charged atom became such a charged topic”

Sunscreens: are they all created equal?

Summer is upon us. With nicer weather comes the opportunity to spend more time outside- to enjoy having a drink on an outdoor patio, trips to the beach, and long walks to nowhere- all under the warmth of the sun. And all of this means that for many, it’s time to start regularly slathering oneselfContinue reading “Sunscreens: are they all created equal?”

Plastic Microbeads : bidding farewell to the use of plastic exfoliants in personal hygiene products… or not?

You might have already heard about plastic microbeads – small spherical particles less than 5 mm in size known for their important role in cleaning and exfoliating products. For these properties, plastic microbeads have been incorporated in just about every type of soap, toothpaste, exfoliant, scrub, and cosmetic product over the years – which hasContinue reading “Plastic Microbeads : bidding farewell to the use of plastic exfoliants in personal hygiene products… or not?”

Obligatory Introductory Post

A brief introduction to the site, its mission, and what Periodically Green means to me. My personal journey with environmentalism likely started before I was even born. I grew up in a family where the phrase “waste not, want not” was a constant. Disposable plastic bags and straws were washed and reused until they wereContinue reading “Obligatory Introductory Post”